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Q: CDBGs, RDFs, REBAs, and more! Are there any other grant applications that Allen Smith Consulting writes?

A: Allen-Smith Consulting does not prepare Housing, GEFA, USDA, foundation, non-profit, or personal grant applications.

Q: I need help with administering a funded grant. Can Allen Smith Consulting assist?

A: On a case-by-case basis, we can assist with the administration of awarded projects. Please reach out if you think you have a project that fits!

Q: What are Allen Smith Consulting's fees?

A: Our fees can vary by project - send an email or give us a call for our fee schedule.

Q: What's the first step for a CDBG project?

A: The first step is to pull your CDBG team together! In order to hire partners to help develop a potential CDBG project, local communities need to undergo the federal procurement process. DCA has instructions for the procurement of Engineers, Architects, and Grant Writers & Administrators at this link.
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